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About Us

The History

Magna Penta was founded by 5 psychologists and psychological scientists who believe that every individual needs psychology in all aspects of their lives. That's where the word ‘Penta’ comes from, which means 'five'. ‘Magna’ symbolizes the founder's passion for achieving goals and being 'big' in psychological service delivery efforts.

Our Vision

To become the leader in psychological consulting services, by relying on professional, dependable, and innovative attitudes, and to acquire profound expertise in our field.

Our Mission

  • To provide professional and qualified human and organization development and consultancy services that will help the clients enhancing their productivity. To gain optimum customer satisfaction by delivering services that fit each client’s needs.
  • Mampu menjamin kepuasan pelanggan dengan memberikan pelayanan yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan.
Our Core Value
  • We believe that every individual is unique. Thus, in giving our services, we treat each client and every person with whom we deal in a very personal approach.
  • Every person has his strength and weakness, and he can always develop himself. We have the desire to provide this need, because we believe there is always a chance for every human being to expand his fullest potential.
  • We have strong belief in the value of scientific approach in dealing with our clients needs, but we also realize that we have to be comprehensive at the same time. Our psychological services are given in scientific manner but then, we interpret these services in practical and comprehensive manner for our clients.
The Team

Our team comprises qualified members from various kinds of expertise in psychological practices. Each member has his or her own distinctive experience in dealing with individuals and or organizations’ needs. These competences help us addressing our client’s specific needs. Accordingly, the clients will be served by skilled practitioners.


To obtain the best end result, in processing our clients’ needs, we are also supported by qualified associates. They have strong psychological background, not only from their educational credentials, but also they are extensively skilled and experienced in applying psychology. We confirm, that our associates are assigned under highly supervisions from Magna Pénta chief psychologists in charge.

The Facilities

We provide our services with modern and accurate tools, including recent psychological tests, training materials and organizational development strategies. In order to keep up with client’s needs, we always seek for better and more up-to-date tools.